Vacuum lines on the carpet.

How good are the vacuum lines on the carpet? When Chris and I moved into our Denver bungalow, we entered a new status of home living, one that has stairs! Moving from our tiny shack of an apartment in Venice Beach, this was a huge promotion. Now, off the side of our kitchen there is a carpeted stairway to a carpeted basement decorated with Blackhawks everything, books and maps, my husband's very own man cave.

So we have carpet now.

And in the first six months of this transition, we had one of those hand held vacuum things, I believe we called them dustbusters back in our day, remember? Tiny little things. I would pretend run it over the stairs and in the basement at an attempted clean up. A delayed apology for all guests that slept down there after I had "cleaned".

However, thanks to the magic of a wedding registry, we got a shiny new vacuum, enhanced for those that are pet owners. No joke, this thing is a monster with like vacuum teeth, a visible canister so you can see all the fur and a detachable cord things that honestly, I do not know how to detach.

So we have a vacuum now.

And let me tell you, there is something about those vacuum lines after a good sweep session. You know, the lines in the carpet that say, 'hey girl, good job with that vacuuming'. Note: I should absolutely name my vacuum Ryan Gosling.

So in attempt to feel accomplished around 9am this morning, I went down and turned on the vacuum and did a few swipes.  And then a few more.  And then the entire basement.  And I rolled the vacuum back in the closet area and I stepped back out and I looked at my 'hard' work.

And now I sit here and contemplate, what is the thrill here?  Why do the lines matter?

There is something about order in the process. Like coloring within the lines.

Or perhaps a sense of accomplishment.

Or even a visible note so that your husband can see that you can clean, too.

As a result oriented human being (that's me) who likes to actually see the fruits of her labor, this is where I believe carpet lines and success can get tricky. Do I (we) continue to measure with a number in the bank account?  Do I (we) measure with checks off of the To-Do List? Do I (we) measure with stars on a Yelp review, good grades on a paper or gold stars on a chart?

If so, then I ask you, how can we balance this success measuring act by including happiness experienced, joy felt and passion pursued - when sometimes those are not so visible, record-able and/or easy to see.

Smile lines, perhaps? High fives? Stomach butterflies?

Where/How/When do we keep count of these?

Deep questions. I want your answers.

Photo Cred:  Brian's Carpet Care Service