A Life Comparison: Ride a Vespa

I liken driving a Vespa to rocking your life. Here is the deal, when I get on my Navy blue Vespa I have got to have my mind right.  I am talking laser focus, awareness on point and usually wearing some type of neon for visibility.  I cannot be multi-thinking, dealing with the iPhone or exhausted from clicking PLAY on too many episodes of Master Chef the night before.

On a scooter, it is me and the open air, open road and open target.  There is no protective layer of a car door or roof, and definitely no airbag available.  It is all me and how I choose to communicate with other drivers.

What if we lived our life this way?  Laser focus, intentional awareness and presence with a full night's rest to rock our full potential.  The neon can be optional, however, as human beings we want to be seen, heard and loved.  Not run over, you feel me?

Yes, we do have the radical ability to choose how we show up, how we communicate and how we are seen.

Today, as you rock your Tuesday, get your mind right and act like a scooter driver as your swerve and groove, it is all you on the open road of life, how will you show up?