Wanderlusting Island Magic

My arms  are sun-kissed, my clothes still sandy and my heart is really full today. I have recently returned from a work trip where I attended and rocked a festival on Oahu called Wanderlust.  Yoga by day, live music + dancing by night, pina coladas and amazing human beings to connect with on and off the mat was pretty much the name of the game.  #joblove

I realize now that I am back on the mainland, there is something so powerful and unique about the connection on the island.  Almost like an escape from your reality and routine, it grants you permission to be present and listen.  There is a magnetism to those around you in which you just feel love.  Oh, and the absolute beauty of the ocean waves and lush land, it is magic.

And as I sit here in the bask of abundant mahalo, I am so thankful for amazing friendships.  I am thankful for my yoga practice.  So grateful for a job that I truly can learn, explore, travel, fail and soar in.  So happy in love, love, love with a man who listens and loves back.  And, so aware of this life being created.  This life that I am creating.  Here and now.

Today, I cheers to choice in creation, wanderlusting and sweet islands that rock connection.

Tip:  go to Wanderlust Fest.

Tip:  escape and be present.  An island, mountain, or bath tub will do.

Tip:  connect more, create everything, and definitely dance more.