Want vs. Need

I have been contemplating the words:  want versus need in my life.  I go to the obvious, I need food, water, air, some type of shelter.  These are real needs.  And, when I look at what I want in this life, I want love, family, travel, dessert, a log cabin... When I dig deep in the want and the need, I see where there is choice.  There is always choice in the want.  I want to have a boyfriend, I want to own a dog, I want those new pair of TOMS....  If you were to ever ask if these were a need, the answer would be 'no'.

What?  You don't need your boyfriend?  You don't love him?

Now, wait.   I did not say that.

When it comes to love, I never want to feel stuck, obligated and/or pigeon-holed.  I wake up every morning in choice and know that I choose with everything I have, to love my man, every single day.  I choose to walk the dog and pick up his poop in green, scented bags, every single day.  Because I want this life.  I choose this life, today.

When the boyfriend, the dog or some material item become a need, I am no longer in choice.  I have given up all control over decision-making, how I feel in each moment and what is possible today, now, or tomorrow.

Do you feel me on this?

It is a shift in language.  It is a shift in thinking.  It is shift in how you rock your life.

What do you really want?  Make it a choice. Every single day.