We are going to Ethiopia with Imagine1Day.

I am nervous writing this. I sit here in a Denver coffee shop avoiding the computer screen. I get up to grab more hot water for my peppermint tea, I adjust my purple and blue flannel, clean my glasses one more time and consider a bathroom break. I started googling reasons not to announce, not to go, not to ask for help. Avoidance, major.

I am nervous because I am announcing a massive goal, right now.

Here we go...

Everyone, we are going to Ethiopia with Imagine1Day. Together. In 83 days, 5 hours and 2 minutes.

When?  April 29 - May 14.

That's right, I am taking you with me. I want you to experience it all and, as much as this pains me to write and say out loud in my (super)ego brain, I cannot do it alone. Be it through emails, blogs, social channels and learnings, you will be there with me the entire time.

Why Ethiopia? Why now? Didn't you just move your life and are getting married this year? Are you crazy?

Yes to all of those questions. One of my great loves in my life, my sweet Dad said that I do way better in life with more on my plate. I don't do well with idle or free time. I agree with him. And ever more so....

I want to be of service and build a primary school for a country with a radical vision that by 2030, all Ethiopians will have access to quality education free of foreign aid. I believe in vision work, I believe in possibility and making shit happen. So, here I am signed up, purchasing my ticket to Africa, getting vaccines and stepping with both feet into believing in that vision with Ethiopia and Imagine1Day.

My mentor and teacher, Susanne Conrad is leading igolu content to African leaders. We are talking sharing transformation tools with leaders that will utilize these tools to create awareness, ways of showing up, legacy creation and goals to reach their vision. I so want to be a part of that. A part of the shadowing, contributing, seeing, and experiencing this transformation, so when 2030 lands, I can tell my children I was there in the early stages and they can do something big and gamechanging, too.

I want to be a part of team, do something that scares me and get way out of my comfort zone. With 13 other team members, I commit to raising funds, showing up and going all in. To get real honest with you, I am exploring my relationship with money. And what I really want to say to you is, I am terrible with money. I often create from a place of lack and emotionally, it is the reason for the two deep wrinkles (frown lines) between my big eyebrows and the only argument that rocks my relationship. I have a team supporting me to stand for me reaching a goal of raising 10,000.00.  My stomach just dropped.

Coming pretty close to the wedding bell, I know. He said yes and that he supports me fully. I am a member of Team Hynes, composed of myself, Chris Hynes (fiance) and Bear & Moose (our dogs). Together, we create a vibration in all our actions, decisions and partnership. Chris and I absolutely see how important this trip will be for us to show up fully in our marriage, fully in our communication and fully in all our business endeavors now and in the future. He will be there with me, though not physically, he will be there learning with me from our Denver home with the pups. That is love and that makes my heart beat. I cannot wait to come home and marry him in June.

In creating and avoiding and being scared and almost quitting and then pulling the trigger, I have decided this is happening. And so, I am here to share with you that I have a lot to do to make magic happen in 83 days.  The how...

* My donation page is here, should you or your organization want to jump on board and be part of the experience together. Absolutely 100% of your donation dollars go directly to educations programs and projects. Inspired? I know I am! Grab your Visa and click HERE to get us there. I appreciate every dollar.

* I will be launching limited edition goal package series and group offerings on my site and social channels. Stay tuned each week for coaching experiences that go directly to support my trip cost! Get up on that and join my email link to the right!

* Currently, I am brainstorming a sweaty endeavor that will include different communities, sweat fests and a hashtag, obviously. Denver, Houston, LA, I'm coming knocking this week!

* Rad collaborations coming in hot. Do you want to collab for a cause?  Email me:  jacki@jackicarr.com

* And, do you want to literally come with us this year?  Check out how to join the team here.

Finally, I know you are a radical human with amazing brainstorming ideation, I am so open to so many cool ideas. Like, how can I incorporate a podcast? Where would lip syncing battles get pulled into this mix? If you have any ideas - email me, call me, send an owl. I want to hear them. Email:  jacki@jackicarr.com

Thank you for supporting this journey, being there with me and getting really possible in the World, together.