Wharton Wednesdays: the Future

Guest Blog Series written by my dear friend, an epic graphic designer and a rad chic in my life book,  Caitlin Wharton.  Featured every Wednesday in September for Wharton Wednesdays!  Read on and enjoy about a girl on her quest to find her tribe: ____________________________________________________________________

It’s been twenty-six days since my girl-seeking-tribe adventure started.

I opened my email last Thursday and snuggled up to my laptop with my morning coffee to my email from the Universe (if you don’t already subscribe, do it now, do it now, do it now!). It told me the following:

Until everyone believes in their own ability to say exactly the right thing, at exactly the right time, to exactly the right person, then allow me:

 Caitlin, everyone wants to be your friend. 


You're just cool. 

     The Universe

Oh, Universe, you get me every time!  I nearly died, of course, having read that note.

In put myself back together, I’m reminded of all the messages from the Universe that we experience on a day-to-day basis.  The reality is not that we are weak and dream of becoming strong or alone and dream of having friends.  But more so that we are already strong and among friends.  Yes, at times, we dream that we’re not.  Which is just silly.  And as I’m reflecting on the past month, I’m trying to piece together exactly the right thing at exactly the right time to exactly the right people to share with you on my final blog post … and, in a heart-y conclusion sort of way,  the truth is: there is nothing to conclude.

My fun guest series of Wharton Wednesdays on the Adventures For Life blog may be over, for now;  but my tribe, the future belongs to us!