Wharton Wednesdays: The Misconception about Friend-Dating

Guest Blog Series written by my dear friend, an epic graphic designer and a rad chic in my life book,  Caitlin Wharton.  Featured every Wednesday for Wharton Wednesdays!  Read on and enjoy about a girl on her quest to find her tribe: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Wednesday already?

After last week’s kick in the ass gentle reminder, I launched my patoot deep into the friend scene.

Week 2 approach: Ballsy Nightclub-esque Pick Up Lines

If best-friend searching was a dating game, then my friends, I am a bachelor on the prowl. I polish up my whitest-laced Chuck Taylors and flip through a thesaurus before launching into pick up lines in the most no bullsh*tty kind of way.

Hey Brian, I’d love to teach you about typefaces… your place or mine?

Tess. We must hang out. Immediately. (well, like soon. I think you're really exceptionally awesome)

Steph – let’s beat the heat and search for beets or treats at the Farmer’s Market! Neat! (ok that one didn’t go down exactly like that… but close).

I even brought it home with a group invite for a badass night of crafting mayhem.  Let’s see what these new friends are really made of.

And guess what happened.





I Farmer’s Marketed with Steph, I birthday partied with Dana, I MainStreet toodle-d with Jess, I wined and dined with Jess + Allison + Chad  + Josh, I lunched with Laura, I chatted fabrics with Wendy and I popped bubbly and geeked out on typefaces with Brian.  If there were more than seven days in a week, I’d have done even more.


Friend-dating truthbomb #3 There’s a misconception about friend-dating and for some weird reason, nobody ever outright tosses cheesy one-liners. WHY NOT?  With the right charm (and badass knitting invitations)… it works. Like a freaking dream.

Here’s to another week of yoga dates, trail runs, gluten-free beers and throwing paint.

Tribe, you are looking mighty, mighty fine.

Your place, or mine?