Wharton Wednesdays: Want Ad

Guest Blog Series written by my dear friend, an epic graphic designer and a rad chic in my life book,  Caitlin Wharton.  Featured every Wednesday for Wharton Wednesdays! Read on and enjoy:



I’ll admit, thousands of readers I’ve never met, I’m going through a MAJOR dry-spell. I’m not proud of it and… I’ll admit… in my state of desperation, I was going out for late-nights with just about anyone with high hopes that I’d go home lucky.

A dry-spell indeed. Of friends, that is. Steamy, beautiful, inspiring, fantastically wonderful friends. Those awesome, no-judgy move-a-body friends.

So here it is.

Wanted: My Tribe.

About Me: {Relatively Normal} Female seeking Males or Females. I love long runs in the trails with my little blind dog, Oscar.  Long walks on the beach bore me to death, though it’s on my bucket list to visit the World’s Greatests. I’m a designer (and snob about typefaces), and love painting, drawing, singing & knitting (just being honest!). I love road-trips, adventures abroad and most recently drank spicy chai with a gorgeous Indian family in Kerala. I have been a mountain junkie since birth, and a good splash of coffee or wine is the way to this girl’s heart.


When I first moved here exatly 2 years ago, I would spend every weekend of my new Vancouver-life exploring my city or diving headfirst into fresh snow in Whistler, and every weeknight working too late or drinking wine with my awesome hometown friends via SKYPE.  I am lucky enough to be blessed with remarkable human beings and call them co-workers, so it took about a year and a half to realize that what I was missing was missing my Vancouver tribe.

So, to follow in the New Year's in September accountability, I hereby publically declare my Septembery goal for the month: I surround myself with remarkable human beings. Once a week, I invite someone new out to play and have him or her bring someone I don’t know so we can all hang (threesome?!). I’ll write about it here every Wednesday, so you can track my progress, of course.  #accoutable  #newfriends

Tribe of 100 or tribe of 1, we could all use a new friend-romance, no? So… with me down on one knee, join me in this epic month-long love affair, won’t you?