What About Now?

I have become lost in the future.  I have become lost in all the dreams and beautiful possibilities out there.  I can feel that future in my body and in my heart, it is full with family, financial freedom, travel, purpose, passion and fun.  Yet, I am impatient for that future, for that perceived bigger life, for that vision now.  Always in a rush. So, what about the now?  What about right here, and right now?

The real work, the dirty, gritty, love it or leave it and get up to it work is right now.  In this very moment, today.  In this second, I can choose to move towards the vision or sit in dispair that I am not there yet.  I confess, I am stuck up in the clouds of tomorrow and admittedly, I am missing the groundedness of today.  #truth

I scan my brain and scour my mental tool belt.  The knowledge is there, I dig deeper.

Here is what I find for now:

1)  Set an intention every morning for today.  Not for yesterday or tomorrow.  For today.  Write it down.  Breathe it.  Live it.  Go.

2)  Believe in yourself, rock the patience and know you have choice.  Always.  On repeat:  One step, one day at a time.

I felt you stumble.  I stumbled, too.  I said, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  Believe harder.  Now, go.

3) Ask youself, what brings me JOY?  Do you know?  Find out.  Know it.  Feel it.  Add more.  Now.

4) Forgiveness is a powerhouse. Go ahead and forgive yourself now if you fail.  Actually, go bold and make it a blanket forgiveness for the rest of your life.  Go ahead. The fear of failure will put up roadblocks every single time.  Forgive now, be gentle and lean into that fear of failure.  You are not living big enough if you are never failing.  I said it.  And wow, I mean it.  Marinate on that one.  I am.

5) Ask for help.  Oh goodness me.  Confession:  I hate it.  I hate asking for help.  I retract to this seven-year old mentality and stomp and scream "I can do it myself, okay?".  Nasty, really nasty.  On the flip side of that ego monster is courage.  Be vulnerable and courageous.  Ask for help, be it in the form of love, support, collaboration or an ear to listen, ask now so you can get up to creating your rad life together.  And by together, I mean with the World.  Stop hiding.  Start asking.

6)  Breathe.  Breathe deeper.  I will catch myself at 4:50pm on a Tuesday and I have not taken a deep breath all day long.  A deep breath in my entire body can shift perspective.  Try it.

7)  Take a note from the trees.  Even in stillness, we are still growing.  Meditation is on my March list, join me.

8)  I see goals like a compass to help guide decisions.  Commit to how you want to feel, what you want to get up to every day and write down those big goals that inspire you with an accountability date.  And then, be so open.  Be present to the path that will get you there.  Today.

This is my big work.  The now work.  These great 8.  One year goals, my compass to follow.  Stay tuned...

Any big one year goals you are working on this year, share!  Any strategies or mantras, share!