What Makes You So Great?

Once I was roadtripping with some girlfriends out to Vegas and I got a phone call in regards to a job I had interviewed for, one of the many in my life that I did not get.  In the midst of the call, the hiring manager asks me, "So, what makes you so great?  What sets you apart from all the other amazing people in this company?"

My mind blurred, did she just say that?  I was appalled, astonished, hurt and well, really angry.  On top of the ego twinge of rejection, now she is asking me what I am worth, who I am and what makes me amazing?  Ugh, the nerve.

Looking back now, I laugh at myself as I did not have an answer.   I don't think I truly knew what made me great at that point in my life - or really, I don't think I could voice it, speak to it confidently and truly own my strengths.  I most likely stuttered, on the verge of tears in a rush to get off the phone and just said 'okay' as my final answer.  No wonder I did not get the job.  And, rightfully so.  I wasn't ready.

I know it sounds harsh, but it is really a radical question that we should all know the answer to within 2.7 seconds of someone asking us. 

What really does make you so great? 

What is it that lights you up, then lights others up and makes a difference? 

Why you? 

Why now?

Well, you better go find out...