What to Wear? Who to Be?

I stood in front of my closet today pondering what to wear.  It is usually not a hard choice, as I am wearing spandex or more spandex in my day-to-day work life.  NOTE:  Still happy about the day I made the choice to leave the high heels, partying lifestyle and dress up clothes that is the entertainment World of Public Relations.  Phew.  #joblove However, in pondering today's choice of threads, I asked myself, what do you really want to put on?

And to be truly honest with you, I want to put on some bright blue speed shorts from lululemon, a racerback, my lite blue Vibrams and an Osprey pack with a flannel tucked inside, maybe a LARA bar and some sunscreen.


As I sit here and ponder to the point of over-analyze my precise outfit yearning, I realize something.

I realize it means I want to spend less time behind a computer.  Question, in this day and age, is that possible?  To be really honest, I feel it means I want to be outside with friends on a mountain talking about goals and future plans.

Every day.

What if I created that life?  Goal coaching in the mountains every day with clients, friends and family.

Watch out World, I just might!

So, what outfit would you rock every day of your best life?

Think about it.  Be about it.

See you in the Mountains.  One day soon...