When In Rome...

I have been off the blog front and for good reason.I was in Italy traveling with my newly college grad of a sister!

NOTE:  A trip that would by no means EVER have happened if it were not for my best friend, Alex Christensen and her travel agent-like skills in planning everything from our route, finding cheap air fares to hostel recommendations.  People, SHARE your goals!  If you have rad best friends like me, they will help you get there!

So, in an epic 11 day adventure, we stopped in Milan, we drank a lot of red wine, had the best pizza and hiked in Cinque Terra, we explored, got lost, rode the metro water-bus system and sang in Venice, we got really lost, climbed a cathedral, loved Statue of David, drank a lot of Belinis and Prossecco and ate amazing sandwiches in Florence, we biked 18 miles through Tuscany to drink local Chianti wine, learn about the wine, buy a box of it and basically drench our food in the best olive oil ever in the city of Chianti, and we explored ancient history, met the Pope and allowed our mouths to drop when we took in the beauty of the Sistine Chapel in Rome!

The trip was a dream.  We rode plains, trains, bikes and boats.  We ate pasta, pizza and drank more red wine than any human should consume in 11 days.  We laughed, we cried, we hiked, and we had the best time together. In all honestly, the country is absolutely beautiful.  However, what is more beautiful is the absolute memory bank of time spent with my sister, the connection we created and the bond we continue to create.

Family is the real deal.  I am overcome with gratitude and love.  Thank you to my sister for traveling with me, sharing clothes with me, laughing and sipping sweet wine with me.  I am so proud of you, I love you.  We went to see the World because I know you deserve the World.

Book the next trip.  I am ready!