Notes from the World Domination Summit

This time last week, I sat in the Portland Theater next to my boyfriend and 2,700 others with a glass of cider raised high in the air ready to cheers and celebrate one radical weekend of amazing speakers, connection and well, possible World Domination. The World Domination Summit is an event hosted by writer, blogger and World traveler, Chris Guillebeau. He brings together thought leaders, game changers and big ideas + action people.  Among the speaker line-up were:  Danielle Laporte, Gretchen Rubin, Chase Jarvis, Bob Moore, Darren Rowse and Nancy name a few.

As you know, I am a bit of a development junkie and I absolutely I geek out for these types of events. Reason being, I absolutely devour most of the book content, online content or company values of these speakers that take the stage and on the flip side, I absolutely love to learn. I am a huge believer in knowledge as a source for choice, as well as further cool shit I can share with my friends, colleagues, blog readers like you, clients and groups I work with. 

So, as I sit here in sunny Venice and reflect on my time in Portland and what truly stuck with me, I would love to share with you my top two takeaways.

#1  Gretchen Rubin, the author The Happiness Project, spoke eloquently on spending more time and energy on getting to know who you are AND also knowing who you are not.  She challenged the audience not only to spend time looking at all the things you really love and enjoy, but also to reflect on negative emotions.  As you know, I dig really getting clear on what we love and getting up to it (Revisit my past post on JOY here).  However, I loved the challenge to dig on on what we do not want and actually being able to evaluate specific negative emotions as warning signs.  She offered up these ones that you might know all to well, as I found myself nodding (a lot):  envy, lies and temptations.  When you dig deeper on these, you can flip the scope and ask WHY?  For example, why am I so jealous when I scroll through my instagram feed and see people hiking in Colorado? It is like an annoyance switch is flipped in my body, triggering jealousy + judgement.  Hello, these are my friends!  What is really going on is that I want to be hiking in Colorado.  Every day!  Oh, right. And from there, I can get clear on how to get that on my goal sheet.  Be it upcoming vacation travel or future move planning, it is clear I want to be there!  BOOM!  My dear friends via social channels, hike on.

Now you try, ask yourself:  Who or what do you find yourself envious of?  Get clear on why and then get in action.  When do you find yourself lying and why?  Lies usually come from a disconnect between your true values and your actual behavior.  Get clear on the disconnect to re-connect.  And finally, what is your nature with temptation?  Can you open the Pringles can and actually have just one?  Or like me, once you pop, the fun (and continued chip consumption) really don't stop?

Take the time to get to know Y-O-U, what you really want and what you really do not want.  Start to know how you operate and what is true about you and then get real and create!

#2  Chase Jarvis, big-time photographer and game changer with a goal to make the World a more creative place, spoke about a global crisis going on and that crisis being that 75% of people say they are not living up to their creative potential.  Kicker with that being that the solutions to ALL the global problems are based heavily on human creative potential. Note to consider:  he got super clear that creativity does not just mean art.  I pondered this thought for a moment, as he began to share his opinion on our education system, standardized testing as this one-way street on how we learn and really how boring and NONcreative it is.  I am still marinating on the education opinions, as I find that so interesting with all the new technology rolling out with online classes and alternative learning.  However, right here and now, what really clicked for me is the understanding that creativity really goes hand in hand with possibility.  When I think about my style of goal coaching, it is not the norm.  I find my rhythm when I coach via 80s music, karaoke, on a mountain or via kayak.  And I, at times, feel that this style is just too out there or cannot turn into something because it does not fit.  And then it hit me, why am I trying so hard to fit in?  When I rock all the possibilities of coaching what feels true and rad in me, I am creating.  I can choose to be and will be creative with what I put it out there to you, big World..  And from that honest, vulnerable and new space, I can attract, work with, and collaborate with all the right people.  My coaching is art!

Your turn, how can you rock the creativity game a bit bigger?  Creative activities create more creativity. Can you pick up a camera or enroll in a writing class?  Perhaps you will take a speaking class or a workshop in acroyoga.  And even moreover, you can actually consider and know that you ARE creative and own that gift and then, create bigger any way, any how. Need a cue, think back to when you were 10 years old and what you did for FUN?  Now, try more of that!  Channel your inner child, creative thinking meets creative action can change the World.  Let's get creative, people!

Share below if any of these notions sparked you, like they sparked me!  Cannot wait to read your thoughts and I can only hope someone sends me a picture of a grown up fort in their living room!