You are an Answered Prayer

My yoga teacher is a simple man with a chill vibe and extensive curiosity. His name is Jay Co. He actually wore black toe nail polish for a couple of years, but that phase has passed. I took his teacher training in 2009 with the distinct intention to further understand my own yoga practice. My final exam was a 90 minute power yoga flow to 80s music. I passed. With the openings of his very own (and much anticipated) studio in LA this weekend, Yogaraj, I feel inspired to share a story.

Every year my teacher hosts a master class. He brings together his students of past trainings for a 2 hour workshop of sweat, knowledge and connection. Like a teach the teachers type of sweat, it is magic. It is in these classes I am reminded why he is my teacher and why I chose to become a yoga teacher. Whether I teach asana is neither here nor there, I am a yoga teacher.

Our most recent class was a beautiful flow focusing on the bandhas, i.e. the body locks.  We focused on the connection of our hand and feet to the ground to better stabilize our practice.  As you can imagine, the analogies and metaphors were swelling in my mind as we explore the hand to earth connection, the sole to soul connection. Another blog, another time.

As we approached the end of class and the much welcomed savasana pose, Jay sat to the front left of the class.  He sits a lot in class. I like that, his voice feels closer which actually makes the teaching feel closer. As my breath slowed and I began to zone out into my savasana scene, he asked a lingering question to our corpse-like bodies:

"Consider this, friends. Do you know that you are an answered prayer?".

I smiled. And then I allowed a few small tears to well in the outer tear duct area as the beauty of the question sat like a lily pad in my mind.

He continued:

"Someone, and most likely more than one, prayed you into existence. They prayed over and over for you to exist are an answer to their prayers. You are definitely an answer to my prayer."

To speak frankly, my mind was blown. How beautiful to know someone (or more than one) wanted you so badly, to be felt, to be heard, to be seen, to truly exist and belong in this World. He went on to explain our responsibility to live, to exist and to show up not only for ourselves, but for all the reasons we were asked to be here.

I drank in every sentence and I coveted the knowledge, like a puzzle piece lost under the couch for years.

I felt peaceful.

And then I realized how quickly I forget to exist. How quick I am to judge myself and others. How quickly I go to this place of not enough-ness, this place of lack and disconnection.  Or on the flipside, this place of forcing myself to exist, as if I have something to prove so that I can have permission to stay here. Do you know what I mean?

We are actually all answered prayers.

I am an answered prayer. (Note to self:  Remember that).

Take a moment to remember that someone asked for you.  Yes, you.

Take a moment to feel the connection, to live into your greatness, and to be alive.

Take a moment to be the answer.


Thank you Jay Co for being you, for the wisdom, for the words. I cannot wait for the studio to open this Sunday. I cannot wait for you to keep existing and showing up so powerfully and creating a space for us all to come and bask in the radiance. Shine on. Your student, your friend, Jacki Carr