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12 women.

12 months.

1 Coach.

GOALS in action, in communication, supported, accountable.



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THE 12.

It signifies completion. goals alive. womanhood. real talk.


There are 12 months in a year. i ask you, What do you plan to do with them?


This upcoming year in 2019, I want to go all in with you. I want to commit to 12 months of coaching together. Your goals. Applicable tools. Network reach. New beliefs. A lot of possibility. A whole year to get shit done on purpose with purpose and major accountability.

Truly my goals are alive as you move into speaking your truth and offering your gifts while accomplishing your vision & goals.

Let’s commit to getting real in 2019. together.

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+ A Community of Goal Getters.

+ A Mastermind of sorts. A space for the mind to master ______ (you fill in the blank) for 2019.

+ Skillshare from incredible humans.

+ Connections to a network to make shit happen.

+ Inclusivity. Because the World is ready for your gifts.

+ Supportive. And Challenging in the best way.

+ AND a promise of FUN.


"I happen to be the client - the one setting goals, being held accountable, working through things, shifting, changing, growing, learning - yet I believe that while I am doing some serious work and serious learning thanks to Jacki, she, too, is learning from me - and there’s something pretty powerful in that.  I think that might be what makes Jacki’s style of coaching so effective, empowering, and impactful. She’s all in, and you can just sense it."

- Carly westman, Boston, ma


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+ 12 Group Connections // 1 per month via zoom call on the first Wednesday of each month. eye contact, group support, and laughs. always recorded.

+ 12 sixty minute 1:1 goal mapping calls with Jacki Carr // 1 per month to customize your experience, map and celebrate your progress towards your goals and your individualized needs. always recorded.

+ Guest Speakers on Money, Balance, Sex and other topics we are ready to learn more about in 2019. you get to Choose.

+ the 12 members only Facebook group for sharing, support and accountability. we share insights, weird gifs and resources


"Working with Jacki has been a gift beyond measure. Our time together feels like adventure you've always wanted to take, but aren't sure you are quite equip for. With her guided support, I feel like I'm able to journey into untouched depths of my soul. I am eternally grateful and look forward to seeing what we continue to unearth, together!"

- Leana May, Denver, CO


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This program is created for you:

+ you, who like me, has big goals that scare them a bit and excites them a lot.

+ you who has ever had Goals so big that the fear can some times keep those goals at the bottom of the to-do list, at the back of the calendar year in the maybe-someday-hopefully pile.

+ most likely, you might place yourself there, too. at the bottom, back and some day.

+ you that is ready to make an investment in yourself and your future by stepping in fully to offer your gifts and set real goals to get there,

+ you that is so ready to be at the top of the to do list. It is time. finally, right?

+ you who knows that your energy matters, your impact matters, your contribution matters and is so needed at this moment in time.

+ This is for you if you are saying," “i am ready Now, not later”.


“Working with Jacki has shifted my perspective on failure and rejection. Because of her powerful- yet approachable- coachable style, I have become open to failure as an opportunity to learn, grow, and move forward with grace and persistence. Prior to working with Jacki, I would avoid taking risks out of fear of uncertainty. Now, I consider taking risks one of my greatest strengths and a key factor in my success both personally and professionally. After even an hour with Jacki, I walk away feeling aligned with my true priorities, clear on my boundaries, and confident in what I am able to accomplish now in order to get where I want to be in the future.”

- Shaye, MOXIE, SAMESIDE, Denver, CO


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+ A new set of tools.

+ Goals alive, completed, failed, learned from, pivoted and celebrated.

+ Community.

+ Connection. within. Connection with others.

+ a choice to Belong. Again and again.

+ New accomplishments to add to your ‘CELEBRATE THIS’ list.

+ The feeling of SUPPORT and how to ask for it.

My goals in creating THE 12 is to offer a space for focus, accountability and deep connection. This space will encourage learning, both self led and in group connections. In this space, time is our friend while simultaneously acknowledging that time makes the work real.

and the truth is // We really have no idea what will happen when we come together. The uncertainty is real, yet I believe and i know 12 heads is better than 1.

Add mine, make it 13!

we are 13 heads AND beating hearts in this goals work together. You in?

Applications close by December 3.

THE 12 announced on December 10.

We begin January 14.





Investment: $5,200 USD

Pay up front and in full at discounted rate: $4,800 USD

Monthly Payment Plan Available // Deposit of $400 USD // $400 monthly installments





We connect as a group once per month on the first Monday each month via ZOOM.

Each month will have a theme we connect on together on a group call - be it legacy talk, public speaking 101, vision boarding...the likes. This will be based on your answers to the major intake questionnaire you will fill out once admitted in the program as one of the 12 and what you are looking to gain from this experience.

Resource share and support. You know I love a TED Talk, a self help book and a great podcast. Let’s share resources to support our growth and keep the learning alive, like a student in college. Yes please.

Guest speakers on content you request (think money knowledge, self care love, moon phases, hormones, leadership, speaking on a stage. ….) every other month.

You and I connect once per month 1x1 style on your goals. Customized to you! This is where we get deep, clear and laser focused.

Accountability homework each month towards your goal / goals. Back to school, homework is due in your custom Google Drive.
Full access pass to the Lightyear Hub, a digital platform for Vision & Goals.  One year membership included in your investment!

Have questions? Check out the FAQs section below.

Applications close by December 3.

THE 12 announced on December 10.

We begin January 14.





  1. Is it just one big goal or can it be many goals throughout the year?

    Great question. It can truly be either, if you know one huge goal project you want to work on, let’s focus there and put our energy and resources into it coming to fruition by your chosen completion date. AND, if you are looking to add more balance and have many goals across different life domains (health goal, career goal and a spirituality goal) to share, I say we choose three and go from there.

  2. What do I need to bring to the table? Do I need to know exactly what my goals are upfront or will we workshop that?

    What you need to bring to the table is 100% commitment to you and openness to what 2019 will bring. You do not need to know your goals as we will workshop Vision and Goals, as well as Project Creation January through March!

  3. If I had a hard time thinking about goals that I would want to accomplish, what are some good examples that can maybe get them thinking?

    goal examples: I write a book by December 2019 // i am in a committed and loving relationship by march 2019 // I launch my new website and coaching curriculum by May 2019 // i CROSS THE ROCK N ROLL LAS VEGAS 1/2 MARATHON BY NOVEMBER 2019 // I AM A HOMEOWNER BY AUGUST 2019.


    Reminder: goals are requests we make of the Universe and of ourselves. Make the request.

    The 12 (myself included) will support you in making it happen.

  4. What if I hate goal setting?

    Honestly, this might not be the program for you. however, if you want to fall in love with goals, it could be the investment for you at this time. We will explore in our first program together in January courses in legacy, vision & goals that could create a whole new perspective for you.

  5. Why is the course the price point it is?

    i could go into an entire share on how money creates commitment and an energetic nod to your readiness. You already know this. the bottom line is: you are worth it. And so am I.

  6. How much of a time commitment per month do you expect?

    Let me cue New Radicals and sing ‘you get what you give’ here and I would say per month, you can expect a 2 hour time commitment per week (this is considering live calls once per month, a 1:1 coaching call with Coach Jacki (me) each month, your own time you create space for to work on goals, connecting with other members in the group, homework you committed to completing…).

  7. Why is there an application?

    I am excited to have a diverse range of applicants to create a diverse form of support and conversation in our meetings. the application creates commitment and the ability to create the 12 for 2019 that will grow together in our similarities, challenges and in our differences.