THE12 Participation + Non-Disclosure Agreement

By execution of this document I agree to:

• Attend all group ZOOM meetings unless otherwise arranged with the facilitator

prior to the day of the meeting.

• Arrive on time.

• Limit cell phone and computer tabs to designated breaks or emergencies only while in session.

• Participate with respect, honesty, and candor in all conversations during the entire program.

• Connect with my accountability partner on time with respect, honesty, and candor.

• Never share any confidential information, personal or business data, or any other

details gained in confidence during group meetings with any non-THE12

members even after my membership has ended.

• Keep my membership current by paying the membership dues on time and in full

either monthly or with the annual plan. I understand there are no refunds

or partial refunds available at any time.

• I am all in.

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