Goals Hike with Jacki

I believe in disrupting our status quo, often. So that we can be in the design of the legacy we are leaving. 

I believe in a toolbox. Tools that you can reach for in choice when you need to change your life game. All you.

I believe in coaching, accountability and conversation to create a pathway(s) to new perspectives, new goals, new ways of being.

Yes. I have a coach. 

I am certified in a body of work called Lightyear Leadership and I live it every single day so I can lead it with truth.

And I love vulnerability, the space to get raw and real so the work can integrate faster and we can get up to living the life of our own design. 

Let's work together. On all of this. 

Ready to get started?

Email Coaching | $75

+ Because life is busy and some times we got to press send on a heartfelt email to make a change, like Michael Jackson. Let's get digital with it.

+ You send an email with an inquiry, notes on life and questions to me. OR Happy to send over three questions to consider upon purchase.

+ Within 48 business hours, I respond with coaching notes,

+ Purchase includes 2 email responses from me!

+ Using our email inboxes for good. 

1:1 Session | $300

75 minutes.
Ground and Goal.

In this session, you have choice to custom create our conversations. Always.

+ Get grounded in your own core values to connect deeper and define you.

+ Together we go deep to define the language you use to speak your reality into existence.

+ Let’s talk blocks, barriers, and the inner critic voice that is holding you back.

+ One goal keeping you up at night? Let’s get clear on strategy and create an action plan now.


Goals ALIVE | $850

Three 60-minute sessions.

Clarity. alignment. vision & Goals.


+ Get grounded in your own core values to create a pause button and choice.

+ Unravel the ego. Let’s talk blocks, barriers, and the inner critic voice that is holding you back.

+ Create a vision for the future to provide direction and inspiration.

+ Explore the power in value-based goals to create action aligned in your deep rooted truth.

CONSULT Call: On Pause right now. Full to the Brim with Prospects. Will open again in late October.

Speaker Inquiries: Email Jacki directly at jacki@jackicarr.com or click the SPEAKER tab

Corporate Consulting: If you are a company looking to explore culture and leadership, please email me for a full list of services and rates: jacki@jackicarr.com