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Jacki's reputation as a speaker is built on her ability to connect with the audience in an authentic and powerful way with straight talk, passion and humor. She is A storyteller with clear tools to share and the rare ability to create community and inspire action.  

She can tailor talks, presentations and interactive workshops to suit your needs in topics included (but not limited to):

+ Stand Your Ground: Defining Your Core Values and Living a Life On Purpose

+ No Small talk Allowed: How to have a better conversation and creation connection

+ Vision & Goals: How to Design Your Future and Write Goals to Get There

+ Legacy Design: Tools to Responsibly Own Your Impact

+ Work | Life | Balance: Clarify your Boundaries and Live your Whole Life. 

+ The Cycles of Success: Five Cycles to Bring Your Projects and goals to Action


"The past two years, SheSays Denver has hired Jacki to speak and facilitate our Vision Boarding program at the start of the New Year. We love working with Jacki as she brings positivity, direction, and experience. You know working with Jacki that your members will get a clear vision and actionable outcomes that will help them leave the session feeling refreshed! Jacki is a great facilitator and brings professionalism and realism to the sessions- no fluff or BS but the real hard truth which is hard to fine these days." -Amanda Gaube, SheSays Denver

"I worked with Jacki on an event to help women in the Found(h)er community set and cast their vision for what they wanted to achieve in the coming year.  Jacki is so inspirational and talks from a place of authenticity, passion and self-love.  She can reach an audience and really make you think deep about yourself, your needs and what serves you.  I am currently taking her Rock Your Bliss class for my self development and I constantly use their tools and advice to help me stay grounded, focused and aligned to my values as I build my business.  I am grateful to her and Mary Beth for what they have built and how they continue to inspire women to go out there and be their best selves!" -Keren Nimmo, Found(h)er

“This was the second year for UCHealth’s evrē event – a health & wellness initiative for all women.  We had verified with research that work-life balance is a real struggle for the majority of females, and too often the personal and emotional health get trumped by work, family, and home responsibilities.  One of our primary event goals was to offer programming to better equip our attendees with the resources they need to practice self-care.  Jacki Carr opened our event with an inspirational session that provided the tools and guidance to map out life goals in manageable pieces.  All eyes and ears were on Jacki during her honest, funny and thoughtful interactive presentation.  Not surprisingly, her session was ranked as the favorite component of the day in our follow up survey to attendees." - Heather Hogoboom, UCHealth


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